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Protecting Family Wealth Across the Generations

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Family challenges are inevitable.
With the correct planning, how we respond to them is not.

All three of the options included in the Inheritor Trust Collection from WAY Trustees are highly versatile and have a focus on mitigating IHT. Importantly, however, they provide the settlor (the person gifting these assets into trust) with the assurance that their interests and the interests of their families can be catered for by sympathetic trustees, in accordance with the settlor’s wishes and within the carefully worded terms of each trust.

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What Others Say:

Why take our word for it?

Mills & Reeves LLP:

“In our opinion the files audited show that WAY Trustees provide a service of very high quality, with attention to detail and a commitment to adhering to the principles and standards required of a professional trustee. The audit showed that WAY Trustees are committed to providing an efficient and effective service to their clients, including ensuring compliance requirements are met and that individual client circumstances are taken into account when making trustee decisions.”